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Last Updated: March 20, 2014


1.  Thermal - free pcr: amplification of dna with out temperature.

(2 patent pending)- 2012



2. Dna sensor for detecting diabetes.

(patent pending). 2012



3. Novel technology for enhancing production of plant
metobolites with economic value.

(2 patent pending). 2012



4. Novel effective antibiotic against resistant bacteria.

(patenting in progress). 2012



5. Technology for desinfecting and/or recycling waste water using natural products.

(patent pending and licenced to company). 2012



6. Novel and effective sensor for detecting petroleum oil.

(patent pending and licenced to company). 2012



7. Effective biodesulfurization of petroleum oil.

(still in process for patenting submission and licensing). 2012





8. Novel effective anti phatogenic fungal technology.

(patenting in progress). 2012



9. Novel bio foam.

(patent pending). 2012



10. Novel use of the chemical periodic table to create music.

(invention protected by copyright). 2012



11. Novel production of cellulose without lignin.

(patenting in progress). 2012



12. Novel physical – chemical process for recovery of petroleum contamination.

(patenting in progress and licenced to company). 2012



13. Novel production of natural anti microbial for functional food. (patent pending and licenced to company). 2012



14. Biological devices for the study and control of alzheimer's disease

(patent pending)- 2013



15. Cutting edge technology to reduce petroleum oil viscosity

(patenting and licensing in progress ) - 2014


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