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One scientific team of IPOC, integrated for Dr. Raul Cuero PhD, Mariana Sánchez, Mario Franco and Natalia Gutierrez developed a cutting edge technology for electromagnetic amplification of nucleids acids (DNA/RNA).

The United States Trademark and Patent Office granted the patent #9,044,729 issued june 2 of 2015.


This novel invention was developed by six (6) years, provide numerous advantages oven conventional PCR techniques and systems such as reduced reaction times, no heating requierements, and reduced amounts of reagents. Additionally this novel method and device amplify significantly more DNA.


prototipo patentado IPOC

Photo: This is the prototype developed and patent in USA for electromagnetic amplification of nucleic acids. Actually we are working to develop the comercial equipment.

“ This is a great goal, and show the main IPOC objectives as create young people as inventors, develop sicientific/technological inventions, and patent, all this objectives made in Colombia” says Lina Sánchez, General Director of IPOC

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